Monday, February 25, 2008

Floors & Fender

More welding on the the floors. I decided to do the patch method since the holes were only here & there. I used the pointy body hammer to find the evil weak spots & cut sheet metal to fit. The metal was cut to fit the holes exactly (yeah right) & butt welded. Lucky for me the mig welder is a tool I'm comfortable with (how to make a car out of .023 wire).

The left front fender on this rig is from a 1970 car. I had already cut out a 68-69 side marker light recess from the Javelin I got the roof from. In 1970 the marker was flush with the fender. I measured, cut & butt welded in the recessed section. I also welded up the 2 badge retainer holes on the aft section behind the wheel well & that makes the 68-69 fender.