Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Suspension Time

On the eve of July vacation week in the pouring and incessant rain, I have talked Linda into helping me update my blog. If summer ever comes, it would be nice to take a break from cars in general. So, the Rambler is the first wave of the furloughs. But we did make progress recently (see below). I am grateful for all the advice I've received from Robert B. and assistance I've had from Dave W. & Huw P.

Rear differential & rear leaf springs in place

Nice arc on those new rear leafs

Trunnion time

Helicoil on the rear diff

I told you it was posi

Wider shot of trunnion time

Side shot

Action shot (who needs factory tools?)

Beefin' up rear diff spring perches

Nice weld Dave

Adding more welds between axle tube and diff body

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Suspension Time

Old employee Dave W. (remember the scout that gave me the model of an AMX at a Christmas party a million years ago?) on the run from Swine Flu in Mexico via Cuba/Toronto (long story) becomes available for suspension work

Reinforcing lower control arm inner bushings
with homemade washers (thanks Robert).

This is what the lower arm looked like installed

Original upper control arm bushings before we cook them out in preparation for urethane bushings

Even a dummy would know that this bushing is toast

Reworking the lower arms (art shot by Huw)

Setting up suspension parts for paint

Looking good

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Up the Hill to the Javelin

A little hardware and window stuff was all I could get this trip. If I had brought a chainsaw I would have been able to cut the tree on the passenger side and maybe cut the hinges. Oh well... at least Augie had fun jumping from roof to roof and trunk lid to trunk lid on our way back down the hill.

Good Boy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Mud

Suspension products - leaf springs and bushings came in Tuesday. Technically my first real new part purchase other than the windshield I bought two years ago.

Two applications of body filler felt pretty good to me but Gary, the award winning restoration guy, stopped on his way home from work and advised me that I need another pull and some serious hand sanding (20 minutes cure time) before he would be happy.

Side shot shows problems when joining Javelin roof with AMX roof (AMX roof has ridge).

Right side door needs some tapping and another full pull of filler (don't forget the tape on the center line). I can't wait...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First Mud!

Finally sanding the first mud.

Good shot of the new overhead doors. I'm glad it's cold and I still need them.

Speaking of doors, here's the right side with its first mud.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No more antenna hole!

Right door, lower skin patch panel, cut and ready to fit

It fits!

Not bad


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Primin' with Por-15

Finally, getting some paint on this puppy. The welding and grinding are done and we moved towards getting some protection on the bare metal after 10 long months. (I can't believe I was able to get away with keeping this rig unprotected in the bay this long.)

Jamie gets the first coat on the trunk.

Nick gets the second coat.

Holy Mackerel!


I get second coat under floor, so long to that Carworks sweatshirt

Socks are grey, not white. Style is key.

Art Shot

Austin gets a piece of it, Augie's in charge

Differential's out and also getting a rehab

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It Must Be Winter in NH

Yeah, so what? I took 6 months off. Get off my back. For all you know I was in rehab (or at least should be). New insulated doors bay doors were installed in the fall along with the new kerosene tank and I am toasty. I put in a couple of welding stints on the trunk which had lots of pin holes after the media-blasting. I'm trying to find the perfect balance between the thickness of the weld and what was once sheet metal.

I am actually starting to think about getting some Por-15 on both sides of the floor pan. But, I 've got some grinding to do before any coatings. I can't believe I've been able to get away with only miniscule rust spots after 6 months of sitting post-media blasting. Whatever that material they used in the blasting seemed to leave some sort of coating that must inhibit the rusting process. If it doesn't snow every day like last year I'll stay busy on this thing, at least until ice-out.