Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hired Guns

Award winning body crew took pity on my project and decided to come to my shop for a few weekends to get this masterpiece moving again. Granted, I did all the hard work and these guys get all the glory.

PS. Carworks young crew Austin and Joe had just finished applying POR-15 to the rest of the insides of the body and trunk that we hadn't painted last year.

Gary (don't know if I should use his real name) does the lower quarters.

Mike does the final "pull" of filler on the roof.

Right side door gets filler from Gary

Same door gets sanded by me.

Right side door back on to help getting the lines right at the rear quarter. Andrew gets the cowl panel in order.

Left rear quarter gets coated. (Oldest daughter Kate visits later same week and not only remembers the smell of body filler but likes the seafoam color.)

Right side goes seafoam too.

What are these things? Glad you asked - these are homemade support anchors with captive nuts for fender braces.

Ready for welding.

Welded. Remember, don't hold the work while welding without a glove.

Looks official.

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