Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Blue

Took a little time off. Walked by AMX a lot, still has a nice looking shape. Shawn's idea was to take it to Carlisle, PA in July on his car trailer, sell it as is, and come back with a finished AMX. Mentioned this in passing to Gary the Body Guy and he said, "Back up, what did you say?." I was kinda joking but he called back in a few days and said "we've gotta have a meetin', Mike and Andrew aren't happy with your new idea". So, we got back on the project with a little hiccup of bad color choice. Gary's philosophy is "the engine bay gets painted with the door jambs and then you reinstall the drive train and interior components before the full body repaint." I wish I had a drive train and interior components not to mention brakes, brake lines, wiring harness, steering wheel, lights, bumpers ... As Gary says - the ball's in my court now.

In the meantime my oldest daughter, Katie, got engaged and her intended is hell bent on arriving to the ceremony in style in a very cool car. Any chance this will be ready for the task by Sept 10, 2011 (9-10-11)? Unlikely but any great ideas to help it get there are welcome from my fans.

So here are some pix of the recent progress -
Didn't like the "blue tarp" blue so we scratched it off.

Finally doing some painting. We switched from Dupont 356 to Dupont 443 blue. Hard to tell with these shots but much nicer and darker hue.

Gonna hang the doors this week so we can get them off the stands before we knock, or bump, them off.

We are up to 300 lbs in body filler on this rear valance panel.

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Vermin Supreme said...

what the fuck is going on with this blog and this project?